How to Add OR Remove Admins from Facebook Groups in IOS?

Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in 2004.

It is the most popular social media site in the world, and it has been revolutionary for people to connect with family, friends, and businesses. However, there are many concerns about how much time people spend on Facebook every day.

Facebook groups are the most prominent feature in the Facebook. This feature provides you to communicate with each other and build a network. In this article we will discuss on how to add or remove admins from Facebook groups in iOS.

But before this let’s discuss a simple introduction about Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups: A Simple Introduction

Facebook groups have become a new way for people to connect with each other and share information. When someone creates a Facebook group, they can add members to the group. These members will be able to post content and start discussions in the group.

The Facebook group is a great way to share information and create a community. It’s also a great way to organize your events, promote your products, or sell items. You can get involved in a community of people who share your interests and hobbies. You can make friends, find support and resources for your hobbies, and get advice from other like-minded people. You can connect with other people who share the same interests as you.

There are many benefits of being an admin of the Facebook group. You can add new members, remove members who have left the group or violated the rules, edit the description and photo of the group, and more.

However, there are times when you want to remove yourself as an admin from a Facebook Group for whatever reason. For example:

  • You want to stop using that Facebook account
  • You’re going on vacation
  • You don’t use that account anymore

Follow these steps to add OR remove the admins from Facebook groups in iOS:

  • Launch the Facebook app and log in.
  • Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
  • Select ‘ Groups ‘, If Groups option is not showing, click on the See More, the list will expand.
  • Tap on the group that you want to add admins to.
  • Select the Members option from the list.
facebook groups
  • Tap on the three dots next to the person profile you want to make an admin.
  • Click Make Admin.
  • Send Invite to that person.
  • The person will receive a notification from Facebook, when he responds to your invitation, you will either get a notification.
  • If you want to Cancel an invitation, first go to Members > Invited Admins and Moderators.
  • Select the three dot icon next to the name and Click Cancel Admin Invite.
  • In order to remove someone as admin, tap on three dot after the name.
Facebook groups in iOS
  • Click Remove Admin.

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