How To Find The Publisher Of A Blog Or Website – 5 Easy Methods 

Learn how do you find the publisher/admin/Author of any website or blog 

A website that contains content requires one or more people to handle it. And it could be that someone is managing the website. 

Most websites explicitly mention the publisher of a website/blog or admin in the contact options or footer section.

Some websites could not clearly mention the publisher of the website, we discuss in this article about finding the publisher/admin of a website or blog moreover we will talk about some tools that are helpful in finding the admin of the website. 

When you are trying to find the publisher of a website, it is important to understand that there are two types of publishers. One type is the owner of the website and the other type is the hosting company.

The owner of a website is typically responsible for all content on that site. The hosting company, on the other hand, only hosts or stores content on its servers.

5 Easy Methods to Find the Publisher of a Website

Here we explore the methods of finding the publisher of a website or blog. This article provides 5 easy methods for finding out who owns a blog or website in an easy manner without having to spend any charges.

  1. Check contact information

There are different ways to find out who is the publisher of a website. One way is to look at their contact page and see what they say about themselves. Almost every website mentions their contact information in the footer, about us, or contact us page. 

  1. Check Official Whois Information 

There are some special tools used for finding the records of website data. You can find the publisher of the website by using these tools. These tools are known as the name of the whois tool.

The Whois database is a publicly accessible database that stores information about domain names and their registrants.

It is important to check the publisher of a website before you trust it with your personal information. You can use any one of the following tools to find the owner of a website:

1) Whois Lookup Tool –

2) Domain Tools –

3) Reverse Whois –

4) Domain Name System (DNS) records –

5) WHOIS Database

  1. Install Email Hunter Extension

Email Hunter Extension is a browser extension that lets you find the email of the publisher of any website.

The extension can be very useful for marketers who want to get in touch with publishers and journalists. You can also use it to find the contact information of someone who has written an article on a website and share your thoughts on it.

  1. Check Social Media Profile Of Website

This section is about the social media presence of a website publisher. It is important to have a strong social media presence if you are publishing content on the internet.

One of the best ways to find out who publishes a website is by looking at their social media profiles. You can see what they post and how often they post it. You can also see contact information in profiles on social media.

  1. Check Legal Pages Of Website

Legal pages provide information about the publisher of a website. They include the name and contact details of the owner of the website. These pages also include copyright information, terms, and conditions, privacy policy, etc.

There are many ways to find a website’s legal page. One way is by looking for a “terms” or “privacy policy” link at the bottom of a webpage. Another way is by looking for any links that say “legal.” These will usually be found at the bottom of a webpage next to “contact us,” “about us,” or other similar links.


How do I find a website publisher?

The publisher of a website could be an individual, a company, or an organization. The publisher can be the owner of the website or it might just be someone who has been given the responsibility to maintain and update it.

How to find Webmaster information on the website?

The webmaster is the person who has the responsibility of maintaining and updating a website.

If you are looking for the webmaster’s contact information, you can find out by looking at who registered the domain name. If it is not available, then you can use search engines to find out who owns that domain name.

How to find an Author’s information on a website

The author of a website is the person who approve&publishes the content on it. This person can be an individual, an organization, or a company. The author is usually responsible for all of the content on the site, including text and images.

There are many ways to find out who is publishing a website. One way is to look at the “about” section of the site and see if there are any names listed there. Another way is to look at the source code of the site, which will list all of its authors in order from top to bottom or left to right depending on which coding language was used.

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