Why are my messages sending green to another iPhone? How to fix it?


If you’re an Apple user, you’ve probably had the experience of sending a text message to someone and seeing it come back in an iMessage format.

This can be confusing because they look different from normal messages sent through your phone’s default texting app. But why are my messages sending green to another iPhone? How do I fix it?

In this post, we’ll explain what causes this problem and how to fix it if it occurs on your iPhone or iPad.

When do you see the message in blue color?

If you’re sending an iMessage to another Apple user, you may see the message go through in vibrant, blue color. This can be confusing and frustrating if your messages are getting lost in cyberspace.

The cause of this phenomenon is simple when sending messages through iMessage on iOS devices; they are encrypted with end-to-end encryption.

This means that if someone were able to intercept your text or call conversation before it reached its intended recipient, one could still forward it along whatever information was contained within those texts without violating any law.

But if it goes through in green color that means it’s an SMS

SMS is the more outdated way of texting and doesn’t have many of the bells. It’s also much less expensive than using iMessage, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year for each phone user.

The traditional way of texting

SMS doesn’t have signs associated with iMessages. It’s also got a 160-character limit, which means you can send messages that are shorter than this number of characters in your SMS conversations.

Is iPhone send a text as an SMS?

Sometimes, an iPhone will send a text as an SMS instead of an iMessage. This is most likely because your device can’t connect to the internet. If you see this SMS: You has temporarily disabled iMessage, because they’re trying to send something through their servers instead of yours.

To fix this problem:

  • Open Settings by taking up from the bottom of your screen (or tapping on Settings at the top right corner).
  • Tap Messages in the General section then tap Send & Receive next time when needed (if there are no messages yet). If necessary, other settings such as CCM and Bluetooth can also be configured here depending on whether these devices are connected or not; otherwise, go through them one by one until everything looks fine again.

What happens if your internet connection is unstable?

In this case, your message is going through in green because Apple’s iMessage app is trying to send you a text message from another iPhone user. If you’ve been struggling with your phone’s data connection or are having trouble getting online, this may happen more frequently than usual.

This can happen when your internet connectivity is unstable or if you’ve been struggling with your phone’s data connection. You can fix it by clearing out some space on your device and/or resetting it if necessary.

What to do when you face trouble in sending a message?

You can check to see if you’re connected to the internet by opening Safari and trying to navigate to a website. If you’re having trouble sending and receiving messages, it can be helpful to check your internet connection. You can do this by opening Safari and trying to navigate to a website.

If you can connect, then the problem is likely with another device or service that isn’t compatible with Messages for iPhone 8 devices.

If the connection does not work but all other aspects seem fine (e.g., data charges), then there may be something wrong with your or someone else’s device/service settings in iOS 12 or earlier versions of iOS 13 beta 2 or higher versions of OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later operating systems.

Things to remember

Make sure your device can access the internet before trying to send another iMessage. You may have a poor signal or your phone’s battery is running low, which can cause iMessage to fail.

Make sure you have an internet connection and that network settings are up to date before trying to send another iMessage. If this doesn’t help, try the following:

  • Check the data usage on your iPhone’s screen. If it says No Data, then this could be causing problems with iMessages being sent and received through Apple’s Messages app or other third-party apps that use Messages as their default SMS client (like WhatsApp). You’ll need to either turn off Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) or ensure they’re enabled for this issue to resolve itself; otherwise, users might not receive any notifications at all when someone sends them an app message via another person’s phone number because one party hasn’t turned location services back on yet after having used its previous method of communication elsewhere before switching over completely again later down the line since those two things aren’t related by default anymore.


If you`re an Apple user, You’ve probably sent someone a text message and saw it come back in iMessage format. But why are my messages sending green to another iPhone?

In this post, we’ll explain what causes this problem and how to fix it if it occurs on your iPhone or iPad. When do you see the message in blue color?

You could notice that an iMessage you send to another Apple user appears bright blue when it is delivered. However, if it comes through in green, it is an SMS.


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