What is the term for Development and Dissemination of Technology?

Accessing knowledge about the advancement and dissemination of technology appears to be an appealing task. To assist you in navigating this mystifying world, we’ve created in-depth research on technology and dissemination terms.

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The word “technology” comes from Latin-techno means art, skill, or manufacture.

The term technology is often used to refer to machines and instruments and to distinguish them from natural phenomena.

The word is sometimes also used very narrowly in the sense of digital technology, or the technology of society, as the totality of physical resources and human invention, and dissemination of information.

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Uses of Technology

Technology can be used to describe the physical resources, ideas, knowledge, and creations that make up the world and its entire people, made possible by universal access to the Internet, but it can also be used.


Development in its broadest sense is the process of making something new better.

This article will discuss what the term “technology” means and how it has evolved throughout the history of computing.

Technological development

The term for the development and dissemination of technology is ‘technological development’. Technological development is the process by which new technology is invented, improved, and disseminated. It typically involves three phases: invention, refinement, and adoption.

Technology Initiative

Technology is the collection of techniques, methods, processes, and materials that people use to control nature or to produce the desired effect.

Terms like “Internet,” “social media,” “online community,” and “online platform” are often used to describe the rise of social media and how it has changed the way we communicate and the way we perceive information.

Impact of technology on our lives

Our lives now are indubitably better than they were in the past because of advances in science and technology in many areas. We cannot deny that current technology and scientific advancements have a significant impact on every single one of our daily lives.

It has put an end to the time of wooden toys and replaced them with automobiles. Technology influence has also been seen in a wide range of other fields, including medicine, education, infrastructure, electricity, aviation, information technology, computer science, metallurgy, physics, nuclear energy, space technology, research, biotechnology, household, sports, employment, tourism, and agriculture.

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Applications of technology advancement

A tremendous amount of adorable change is observed as a result of technological advancements, ideas, and innovations in all these disciplines.

1– The foundational and innovative advances are now primarily sourced from technology. The economy has improved and undergone some significant changes as a result of this, and numerous new initiatives have been developed to help our younger generation advance in the technological sphere.

2- The educational sector has reaped the greatest benefits. For students at various educational levels, the benefits of technology increase with its degree of adaptation. For instance, the idea of smart classes gets students more engaged in the same lectures they previously found uninteresting because many students find the standard lectures tedious.

3- Another important revolution in the field of technology is the adoption of Sawah technology, as well as the benefits that result from it. The use of sawah eco-technology to get around the lack of fertilizers through microbial nitrogen fixation and geological fertilization on sawah plots are just a few of the significant advancements made through sawah technology.

Benefits of technology development and dissemination in a remote region

1- The rural craft and cottage industries are facing numerous difficulties as a result of economic globalization, quick changes in the role of new technology, and severe competition.

2- They play a part in the circumstances that cause young people from rural areas to leave their homes and move to cities in quest of better economic opportunities. The acquisition and adaptation of technology in traditional village-based craft and cottage enterprises is a crucial prerequisite for preventing such forced migration.

3- The product’s quality will be improved, productivity will increase, production costs will be reduced, and energy usage will be optimized, increasing the product’s competitiveness in both the domestic and international markets.


Dissemination of technology is the process by which innovations are passed from donor to receiver and involves two components: technology transfer and diffusion. Technology itself might be represented by an item, a concept, or a practice.

Technology transfer is seen as a key element of international politics. We have compiled this definitive guide to exploring technological development and dissemination to assist you in navigating this perplexing world.

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